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  • The year at a glance

  • JAN


    After a comprehensive review finds that financial instruments are not responsible for higher staple food prices, Deutsche Bank elects to continue offering products based on agricultural commodities.

  • FEB

    Carbon neutrality

    The Management Board decides to renew Deutsche Bank’s commitment to carbon neutral operations.

  • FEB

    Award for banking services

    The German newspaper Handelsblatt names Deutsche Bank “Best Client Advisory“.

  • APR

    Deutsche Bank KunstHalle

    The bank’s new KunstHalle in Berlin opens with the city’s biggest-ever free art event, attracting more than 12,000 visitors in just 48 hours.

  • MAY

    Integrity Committee

    The Supervisory Board intensifies its oversight of ethics and creates an Integrity Committee.

  • MAY

    Annual General Meeting

    Sensitive topics are in the spotlight at the Annual General Meeting. Shareholders voice their concerns regarding environmental and social issues such as soft commodities and cluster munitions.

  • JUL

    Values and Beliefs

    We launch new Values and Beliefs in line with our Strategy 2015+ to restore trust in our organization and meet the expectations of our stakeholders and society at large.

  • JUL

    ESG investing

    We create a new ESG Head Office to intensify and align ESG efforts across our entire asset and wealth management platform.

  • AUG

    New class of apprentices

    About 360 young professionals begin vocational training with Deutsche Bank in Germany, increasing the number of young professionals training at Deutsche Bank and Postbank to 2,100.

  • SEP

    Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics

    The Center for Financial Studies awards the fifth Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics to Raghuram G. Rajan, later nominated Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, for his extensive work on banking, corporate finance and the role of finance in economic development.

  • OCT

    NGO Dialogue

    We host a dialogue session between NGOs and various European banks to discuss controversial topics including the approaches banks take to analyzing the potential environmental impacts of client activities.

  • NOV

    Global Volunteer Award

    We roll out the Volunteer Award across all regions. 16,000 employees take part in voting for the winners.

  • NOV

    Legacy issues

    We strengthen our control framework and confront legacy issues, including significant legal matters such as the European Commission’s probe into Interbank Offered Rates.

  • DEC

    Green Bond Principles

    We join a consortium of investment banks in supporting the Green Bond Principles – voluntary guidelines to encourage transparency, disclosure and integrity in the development of this environmental finance market.

Building for the future Corporate Responsibility Report 2013

Alex Marzo

Relationship Manager Private & Business Clients

Doerte Gerlach

Head of Risk Culture Initiatives

Bhaswar Chatterjee

Head of Deutsche Bank’s Americas energy and infrastructure finance team

The year at a glance

»We act as responsible partners in serving the wider interests of society.«

Jürgen Fitschen

Co-Chairman of the Management Board
Deutsche Bank AG

»During 2013, we laid important foundations for sustainable long-term change.«

Anshu Jain

Co-Chairman of the Management Board
Deutsche Bank AG

Jürgen Fitschen

Co-Chairman of the Management Board
Deutsche Bank AG

Anshu Jain

Co-Chairman of the Management Board
Deutsche Bank AG

Doerte Gerlach, London

Head of Risk Culture Initiatives

Our Controls

A strong risk culture depends as much on attitudes and behaviors as it does on effective controls. My team develops and implements initiatives aimed both at raising awareness and at understanding of risk across the Bank as well as creating a strong link between behavior and compensation. This helps drive a culture in which employees take responsibility for their actions.

Doerte Gerlach, London

Head of Risk Culture Initiatives in Deutsche Bank’s department for Risk Management

Reinforcing responsible behavior

A strong control framework must be accompanied by a culture that encourages employees to do the right thing, although it may not be mandated by rules, regulations or legislation. We have strengthened our compliance program and are further building a strong risk-focused culture, for example through expanding our Red Flags Initiative.

It has become increasingly important for banks to understand and respond to the potential environmental and social risks associated with business activities. We analyze these risks carefully and are optimizing the risk framework we implemented to minimize harm to people and the environment as well as the reputations of the bank and our clients.

Transactions assessed within ES Risk Framework

Transactions per sector in %

  • Oil and gas
  • Metals and mining
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Chemicals
  • Pulp, paper and forestry
  • Utilities
  • Other

Number of transactions escalated

Bhaswar Chatterjee, New York City

Head of Deutsche Bank’s Americas energy and infrastructure finance team

Our Business

Moving to a green economy will require US $1 trillion per year in clean energy investment by 2030 – four times the current investment volume. Innovative financing solutions are thus called for. That’s why I am proud to actively apply my financial expertise to renewable energy investments.

Bhaswar Chatterjee, New York City

Head of Deutsche Bank’s Americas energy and infrastructure finance team

Driving sustainable business

We integrate sustainability criteria into our core business to capture new opportunities. Our products and services must not only meet the demands of the economy, but also contribute to meeting social and environmental challenges. We seek to ensure that they provide value for clients, shareholders, employees and society at large. To achieve that goal, we have introduced initiatives and processes to balance the interests of private clients and investors, allocated financing of more than US 1,2 billion to clients' renewable energy projects and enhanced our approach to environmental, social and governance investing.

ESG assets under management

in € m.
€ 5.1 bn. in total

  • Active management
  • Alternative investments*
  • Passive investments

*Excluding real estate

Alex Marzo, Barcelona

Relationship Manager Private & Business Clients

Our Commitment

As soon as I began earning a salary, I started to contribute to society. Because I wanted to get involved in my neighborhood, I decided to offer my ‘hands-on’ assistance at the Centre Cívic Sagrada Família in Barcelona four years ago. Winning the Volunteer Award has reinforced my motivation to continue this work.

Alex Marzo, Barcelona

Regional winner of Deutsche Bank’s Volunteer Award and Relationship Manager in the Private & Business Clients division. He helps families that cannot afford to cover all their children’s education costs and volunteers to foster social integration.

Realizing our commitments

Our commitment to our employees, society and the environment is vital to our corporate responsibility approach. It includes our determination to develop a culture that encourages desirable employee behaviors and rewards responsible and sustainable performance.

With our corporate citizenship programs, we tackle key social challenges – we enable talent, drive social change and promote art and music. Corporate volunteering has become an integral part of our corporate culture. In 2013, our volunteers supported 2,900 projects around the world.

We also continually seek to reduce our global operations’ impact on the environment and have renewed our commitment to carbon neutrality.

Corporate Citizenship

Beneficiaries in 2013/2014
Total number: 2,062,251

  • Art
  • Social Investments
  • Music
  • Education

Corporate Volunteering: Facts and Figures