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Corporate Responsibility
Report 2012

Delivering in a
changed environment

Passion to Perform

How we see responsibility

We believe that being economically successful and internationally competitive generates value for our shareholders, clients, employees, and society at large. We apply high environmental and social standards to our business to support a sustainable future.

We recognize that we have a duty to our stakeholders to be a reliable partner with the highest integrity and ethics. We engage with and learn from others through open dialog on topics of mutual interest.

We seek to keep improving the environmental performance of our operations through the efficient use of resources and by applying the most environmentally friendly technologies.

We value the diversity of our people. We support their talents and offer an attractive work environment.

We believe our responsibility goes beyond our core business. Progress and prosperity are driving us when we initiate and support educational, social, and cultural projects that help people everywhere to fulfill their potential. Our employees have valuable skills. We encourage them to use these to benefit others through involvement in community projects and social enterprises that produce lasting change. We call this building social capital.

This is how we combine our performance culture with a culture of responsibility.

Corporate Responsibility at Deutsche Bank
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People and Society

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Responsible Business

Responsibility in a changed environment

Admassu Tadesse
"We were the first financial institution to draw on financing from the Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund (AATIF), a development fund dedicated to promoting agriculture and trade in Africa. As the AATIF’s manager and PTA Bank’s long-term business partner, Deutsche Bank initiated contacts for us, provided us with funding on good terms and helped us to establish successful business relationships."

Admassu Tadesse
CEO, PTA Bank, Eastern and Southern African
Trade Development Bank

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Responsible Business

Responsibility in a changed environment

Our portfolio of banking services faces multiple challenges, ranging from macro trends such as resource scarcity and climate change to the industry-specific decline in trust in banks over the last five years. We are responding with improved risk management and by assisting clients in a variety of ways that meet their needs and develop our business sustainably.

Within our Private and Business Clients division, we have introduced a Responsible Business Initiative to ensure that our products reflect the demand from our clients. In Asset and Wealth Management, we have responded to the growing trend of incorporating environmental, social, and governance factors into investment strategies. The Corporate Banking & Securities division manages risks and raises capital. We have matched investors with projects in a wide range of physical infrastructure, including large-scale renewable energy generation. Our Global Transaction Banking division oils the wheels of the economy through clearing huge daily payment and foreign exchange trading volumes. The bank also supports innovative projects such as Desertec and GET FiT, which are pioneering new approaches to meeting the need for clean energy in developing countries.

A complex business such as this needs effective risk management systems that address social and environmental factors, in addition to core banking risks, which are central to the nature of our business. Governance structures and management processes also need to achieve coordination and control, avoid conflicts of interest and breaches of the rules.

Africa Agriculture Trade and Investment Fund (AATIF)

In $ m. (until December 2012)

21 62 26 26
  • German government
  • KfW development bank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Private investors

Sustainable Operations

Responsibility in a changed environment

Dr. Aglaia Wieland
"The idea of Desertec Industrial Initiative is simple: Generate power from sun and wind under the best conditions to meet rising electricity demand throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Deutsche Bank demonstrated its commitment by being one of the founding shareholders of this unique initiative, which now has 56 partner companies from 17 countries."

Dr. Aglaia Wieland
Prev. Managing Director, Desertec Industrial Initiative

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Sustainable Operations

Responsibility in a changed environment

We aim for our global operations to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Our environmental management system has driven year-on-year progress in the energy efficiency and carbon profile of our physical assets and workplace activities, as well as improvements in waste management, water conservation, and paper use. This has helped us to achieve the goal of making our operations carbon neutral on target by yearend 2012. Our environmental performance depends on employees’ commitment and is underpinned by dedicated employee engagement initiatives to raise awareness and support environmental action in the community.

Our path to climate neutrality

CO2e (Tonnes)

Gross emissions

  • Emissions from energy use and HFCs
  • Emissions from business travel

Reduction measures

  • Renewable
  • Certified Emission Reductions (CERs)
  • * Reduction objective (in %)
20* 40* 60* 80* 100*

People and Society

Responsibility in a changed environment

Sabine Heckmann
"I want to do more than just donate money – I want to get involved personally. When the German National Scholarship program was launched in 2010, I knew I found my volunteering opportunity. What’s important for me as a mentor is to really get involved with the children and interact with them at eye level. Together, we develop ideas on how they can achieve their goals, and I support them along the way. My work as a mentor has re-grounded me."

Sabine Heckmann
Client Manager Global Technology, Deutsche Bank
Mentor of two student scholars in the German National Scholarship program, which Deutsche Bank has supported since 2010

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People and Society

Responsibility in a changed environment

In 2012, we made culture change a lever of our Strategy 2015+, with a determination to align employee attitudes and aspirations with the needs of clients and the wider economy. Deutsche Bank aims to lead the way, acting as a role model.

What people achieve and how they achieve it links directly to our ability to live our values and reach our goals. To support a culture of responsibility, Deutsche Bank rolled out a new performance management approach in 2012. Our employees make Deutsche Bank what it is. Deutsche Bank is present in 72 countries and our employees represent 136 nationalities. We foster an environment where difference is appreciated, because we need a mix of skills and talents that spark innovation and enable us to meet the varied expectations of our global client base.

Building social capital

Deutsche Bank is a committed local player wherever we operate. We firmly believe that our business can only prosper if society is prospering. We thus view our corporate responsibility investments as investments in society and in our own future. As a responsible corporate citizen, our objective is to build social capital.

With a total investment of € 82.7 million in 2012, Deutsche Bank and its foundations were again among the world’s most active corporate citizens. On top of this financial support, over 19,500 employees gave almost 30,000 volunteer days and contributed their expertise, knowledge, and skills to strengthen community organizations. Our corporate citizenship (CC) programs aim to tackle challenges society faces, particularly obstacles to education and personal development. Our investments help people and communities help themselves.

Regional deployment of staff

In % at yearend 2012

47.1 24.3 10.5 18.1
  • Europe
    (excl. Germany,
    Middle East, and Africa)
  • Americas
  • Asia Pacific
  • Germany

Regional split of total CR investments

€82.7 m. in total (in %)

42 22 14 11 11
  • Americas
  • UK
  • Asia Pacific (incl. Japan)
  • Germany
  • Europe / Middle East / Africa

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